A Shoe For Every Occasion

February 16, 2018

“Shoes make the man”

“Big shoes to fill”

“If the shoe fits”


Ever wonder why we have so many sayings about shoes? They are important that's why!! A good shoe can make or break your workout. And let’s be honest here - the workouts are hard enough without the added annoyance of pinchy shoes. Everyone has the same things they want in shoes: comfort, support and style. I’ve been on the hunt for my personal holy grail shoes for a while now. Here are what I’ve test drove over the years:




BRAND: Reebok Nanos


YAY: I fell HARD for the Reebok Nanos!! They were my first CrossFit shoe. I loved the low profile of the Nanos.  No big heel, not a lot of extra to them. Colorful. Comfy. My key points! They were on sale at the outlets...yes I’ll take grey and purple, green and purple and yellow and orange...think of how many outfits I could match to these shoes!


UGH: Reebok altered their design. Sure there is good things that come out of redesigning...but not for me. My love affair with Reebok came to a hard stop.


Karen’s Final Thoughts

Reebok has re-released their Nano 2’s which I have heard are as good as the first go around, but I have fallen out of love with the design of them.  


BRAND: Nike Metcons


YAY: Mid-wod a friend mentioned she was interested in checking out the new Nike Metcons. Hmmm...my interest was peaked. She sent me a link to these gorgeous black and teal (Lauren Fisher designed) sneakers. OK, I would give them a try, because if Lauren Fisher designed them clearly my olympic lifts would improve by these shoes.


UGH: First day I hated them! But, this was one of the few times I had paid full price for a pair of sneakers so I had to give them another chance. I would wear my beloved (worn out) Nanos to the gym and then put on these full price Metcons for my workout. But, slowly, I started to love them!  Nike had won my heart!  Pink and white, teal and black, blue and grey, purple and grey….colorful (check), comfy (check).  


Karen’s Final Thoughts

They became not only my CrossFit shoe but my everyday shoe.  I would wear them all the time, most of the time without the laces tied ;)


BRAND: No Bulls


YAY: Last December I received my first pair of No Bull shoes. They were colorful circles!  Matched every outfit (colorful). Ok, here came the test, would these shoes be comfy? Why yes, yes they were!  Ok, worn them for a WOD, loved them! My new favorite shoe!  


I have always been nervous to wear my new beautiful sneakers for rope climb wods.  Ugh...the rope is going to tear up my new (expensive) shoes.  I would always wear an old pair I didn’t care about that day.  But...I forgot one day and only had my No Bulls.  Good bye beautiful colorful circles. But no, they held up beautifully!!  In the past my Nanos and Metcons have always torn or looked used at the laces from rope climbs.  Not my No Bulls!  


UGH: I wore my No Bulls on a day we were running. You guys all know how much I dislike running anyway, but add a pair of shoes that just doesn't give me the support I want and I am miserable. My calves hurt. My feet hurt. I was miserable.


Karen’s Final Thoughts

No Bulls are not for running.  Got it.  But anything else and No Bulls are my go to!

(Full disclosure: I MIGHT be a little biased with No Bull being a Massachusetts based company)


What it truly comes down to is finding a pair of shoes that works for you...I’ve tried a few over the years and right now my heart lies with No Bull for WODs with my Nike Metcons sprinkled in every once in a while.  


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