Making Friends With Your Enemies

February 9, 2018

Hey guys! I’ve got a big question for you, what are your favorite CrossFit moveme…. Wait a sec, I already covered that one. 


Let me start over. What are your least favorite CrossFit movements? This one really hits home for me and honestly I’d say it’s an easier question to answer. We all have that one movement, or two, or five, which haunt our dreams whenever we see them on the whiteboard. Some of them we even avoid like the plague! I for one know that I’m guilty of skipping entire WODs when I’ve seen my nemesis (Handstand Pushups) in the programming. Shoot, I’ll go one further and tell you I’ve planned entire weeks of training around avoiding certain movements. That’s honestly very difficult to admit. However, I can tell you that once I started paying attention to the movements that I’m not too good at, it has taken my fitness to another level! And the rewarding feeling that I’ve gotten from that is immeasurable.



This is not anything new. I know, as I’m sure you know, that in order to get better at something you have to work at it. So why do we still find ourselves avoiding those movements, weights, or workouts? Well, duh, it’s easier to do something we’re good at than something we’re not. It’s the path of least resistance and we’re all human so that’s what we gravitate towards. So, my challenge to you is to not only start practicing but embracing those movements. Look at the week’s WODs on Sunday and pick those days you know you don’t want to do, but you know you need to do! 


I’m aware that every week may not have exactly what you need programmed. While we do our best to keep that constant variance in our WOD’s exercise selection, we can’t always squeeze everything in. So, your solution is to simply find the time to add that extra work in. You already know we have plenty of open gym times. Not only that, but you really only need a few minutes to work on those things here and there. I will also add that it is EXTREMELY important not to overdo it. I’ve seen a number of athletes, again, including myself, recognize and attack their weaknesses with too much ambition. And you know what that’s going to lead to… Injury. Be sure to keep in mind that that your body grows and makes neurological and muscular adaptations when you rest, not when you continue to break it down further and further. 



Now I have no doubt that many of you already do what I mentioned above. We have weaknesses, we need to work on them, and we need to be careful not to overdo it. So now let’s say you’ve been plugging away, week after week, maybe even for months, with little to no tangible success. This leads me to the last thing I want to discuss and that’s having a plan. At PR Star we pride ourselves not only on our original daily metcon programming, but also on our strength and skill cycles. We do our research and find the BEST ways to increase not only strength but power, technique and, stability as well. Given a consistent level of commitment, we always see new personal records set in as little as six to eight weeks. Therefore, it goes without saying that a similar approach can be taken to attack those weaknesses. Always start lighter or at a lower intensity for the early weeks and slowly build to heavier weights, longer distances, or higher work outputs as the weeks go on. Then, don’t forget to retest, mind you only after several weeks of concentrated work of course. That’s a fairly general breakdown but always feel free to consult one of our staff. Also, nothing says that you can’t use certain workload percentages or timed rest periods that we outline in our strength/skill cycles as a guideline for what to do in a metcon. 


I believe that earning something is far more rewarding than being gifted something. I know many of us have looked at high level athletes, in any sport, and have been envious of how natural and easy things look for them. We all know, or seem to think, that hour upon hour has go into perfecting a skill. However, I don’t think it’s necessary to devote hundreds of hours into learning and developing one single thing to learn it, develop it, or become more proficient at it. After all, it’s still important to stay well rounded so we can attack those constantly varied workouts. Just keep the old saying, work smarter not harder, in mind. Know what you need to do, know how you need to approach it, test at the beginning, execute your plan, retest at the end, and don’t forget to celebrate your successes! 


Oh and don’t be afraid to ask for help. ;) 

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