Super Bowl Snacks and Hacks

February 2, 2018

Super Bowl Party invites can be very intimidating and overwhelming when you’re dialed in on your nutrition. At home you’re in control, you know what ingredients are used and you can plan ahead. When choosing a nutrition plan I highly encourage you find one that is sustainable, enjoyable, and most of all allows you to live your life while still remaining healthy. If you tend to duck out on social events because you fear “messing up” or “derailing” then your plan isn’t sustainable or enjoyable. Learning to understand food is one of the greatest tools in your overall journey to optimum health and wellness. Losing the “good food” “bad food” mentality is crucial to finding freedom and joy through properly fueling your body. While there can be challenges to attending a party while watching the superbowl with a bunch of your best buddies, there are also MANY ways to approach the party with a plan and positive mindset. Please don’t miss out on life because you’re afraid of the food!


I have listed a few tips below to keep you on track while enjoying the big game with your friends and family.


1. Load up on a very high protein breakfast and lunch. This may not be the most exciting thing, but it will keep your fat and carb macros available for the yummy delights later in the day.


  • 1 cup egg whites=26g protein {add in spinach or veggies for flavor and fiber}

  • 1 cup of nonfat greek yogurt=20g protein {plain yogurt has anywhere from 7-10 carbs/cup. If you choose a flavored yogurt be sure to watch the carb content. You can always add berries to sweeten and add texture to plain yogurt with significantly less carbs than the flavored option}

  • 1 protein shake = 20-40g protein {you can mix one scoop of protein with water and call it good. Or you can add some nonfat greek yogurt, PB2, or fairlife milk (regular or chocolate) All of these add-ins will increase the amount of protein in the shake just be careful to watch the carbs if you want to save them for later in the day}

  • 1 Chicken breast=18-50g protein {depending on the size of your chicken breast you can knock out a lot of your protein for the day}

  • 5-6 oz of LEAN ground beef or turkey mixed with veggies 25-32g protein


2. If you are a tracker or macro counter you can “pre-log” some of your favorite items {Beer, wings, pizza} Pre-logging helps you to “budget” your macros so you can plan accordingly before the event. This will help you to plan ahead prior the game so you can stay fueled and satisfied before the party. There is nothing worse than going to a party starving!! Have a plan and allow yourself to enjoy yummy food!


3. Bring your favorite Dish! It’s always a good idea to bring a dish to any party. This is your chance to choose something you know you like. If you’re a control freak {} then you also know what went into the dish. If you happen to arrive and the only thing available is pizza and chips, your dish could quite possibly save the day! I’ve provided a few recipes ideas below.


4. Be mindful of nibbling. All food has macros and they add up quickly. If you’re going to be nibbling, search for foods with very low macros (protein/carbs/fat)

Examples Celery | Cucumbers | Broccoli | Cauliflower | Carrots | Basically the veggie platter!


WATCH OUT FOR DIPS!!! The fat content in most dips add up VERY fast. If you love spreads and dips, spoon a small amount onto your plate and move away from the dip station. Out of sight out of mind!


5. Filling your plate

  • Fill 1/3-1/2 of your plate with greens/veggies (cheesy potatoes don’t count as veggies)

  • Fill 1/4-1/3 of your plate with protein {preferably lean if available.}

    • Lean protein: chicken breast, fish, lean pork loin, 96/4 or 90/10 ground beef, turkey breast, spiral ham

    • High fat protein: 80/20 ground beef, any type of beef, dark meat turkey or chicken, lamb

  • Fill the last 1/4 of your plate with your favorites! Breads/grains/cheese/butter/gravy/cream/dip and ENJOY every last bite of it!


6. Save room for a small dessert. Choose wisely. Don’t eat every dessert available. Choose 1 or 2 favorites and ENJOY! NO guilt allowed!! Eat your favorite items slowly. Break into multiple bites and drink between each bite. This will allow your body to enjoy the dessert and feel satisfied.


7. Choose a seat at the party that is AWAY from the food spread. Out of sight out of mind. Load up your plate as described above, sit down, enjoy your food, the company, and the game!


8. If you are a macro counter and want to track, do your best to eyeball what you’re eating. This is great practice for tracking when you don’t know the exact amounts. I suggest to slightly overestimate the fat and carbs. If you see something you’d like but you’re not sure of the macro breakdown, do a quick search in MFP and it will give you a good estimate of what the macros are for that item.

For Example: If you walk by the dessert table and you see cheesecake, berry pie, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, and lemon bars take a quick peek at MFP to help you make a decision on the best choice for dessert!


9. You are also welcome to choose this day as a “non-tracking” or “free” day and  enjoy it all without thinking about the macros. If you choose a “free” day I highly encourage you to still be mindful of breaking down what you put on your plate into the ratios explained above. 1/3 lean protein 1/3 greens/veggies 1/4-1/3 your faves!


In the end it’s all about choosing the memories over the macros. Don’t overthink it. Enjoy the game and have fun, and you'll be the real winner this super bowl Sunday!






Nellie Friesen | @macrofit_


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