The 2018 CrossFit Open

January 12, 2018

It’s Coming….


The CrossFit Open.  


What is the Cross Fit Open? It’s the first stage in determining the athletes and teams for Regionals and then the Games. But, that’s not all the Open is…


The Open is where we, as community, test our fitness. That’s what the Open is known for…testing yourself against the world. There is a leaderboard that can be customized to region, state, or even your friends. It’s pretty cool!  



But to me…the Open is more than a worldwide competition. It’s about community, one of the most important aspects of CrossFit to me.


I have a complicated relationship with the CrossFit Open.  I love the community aspect of the Open, how it brings all our different classes together on Friday Nights to support and cheer each other on, how it challenges us with movements or weights.  


But I also hate the CrossFit Open.  


Ok, I guess hate is being a little dramatic…and my nana always tells me not to use “hate” because it is too strong a word.  I dislike the open. Why?  Because it challenges me and makes me get uncomfortable with my workout. It pushes me to do what I don’t like to do.


Every year I tell myself I am not going to pay the $20 to sign up for the Open and record my scores on the leaderboard. I can’t do a muscle up or handstand pushup so why would I sign up?  Yet every year I pay the $20 and end up signing up. Why?


Because it challenges me. I push myself more in the workouts than I would if I were in class. I give myself a goal every WOD…hit 3 rounds, go unbroken on the snatches, get off the rower and immediately pick up the barbell, etc.  I get extremely uncomfortable for those 5 workouts!


Story time…remember the WOD 2 years ago? AMRAP chest-to-bar, overhead barbell lunges, burpees, overhead barbell lunges and repeat? I had a kipping pull up at the time, but had never attempted chest-to-bar.  Friday night arrived, and I sign up for the heat with my friends.  Take a deep breath and stand under the rig.. Suddenly I realize everyone is onto the lunges and I am still struggling with this pullup! OK, now they were lunging back to start there second round, then third round .... and why can’t I get one pullup!? I have never wanted to get to the burpees so bad in my whole entire life.


Then, all of a sudden, Robin (my judge at the time) jumps up and starts screaming, cheering me on! Then from across the gym Todd is yelling my name.


Hearing them put a fire in me. I squeezed my core, squeeze my lats, reached up..


I GOT ONE. I got one chest to bar!


That night I finished only one round in the time allotment.  I don’t remember my score, but I remember the pure joy and excitement I had knowing I accomplished something I went into the workout thinking I couldn’t.  


That WOD is always in the back of my head, and is part of why I do what I do. I know that I could not have reached that milestone if I hadn’t 1) signed up for the Open and 2) been a part of a community that supports its members. If it wasn’t for Robin and Todd cheering me on who knows how long it would have taken me to get that first chest-to-bar. So yes, I love the Open, even when I hate it – I still love it.


The Open. It’s coming. I encourage EVERYONE to sign up.  It is fun and you’ll surprise yourself, I promise.  If you want a buddy to do the WODs with you, let me know.  If you want me to “judge” you and encourage you quietly to breathe and give me one more burpee I will.



I’ll make you a deal – I’ll cheer you on if you cheer me on!  ☺


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