The Common Misconception "I Need to be in Shape to Start CrossFit"

December 15, 2017



I want to start this whole post by asking current CrossFitters to take a second and think if you have EVER heard any one of your family members or friends say “I will come try CrossFit once I get into better shape” or “Let me lose about 10 pounds before I come out there with you crazy people.”  


Are you thinking about it?



The answer the majority, if not all, of you would give is YES! Now let’s think about just how silly that sounds.  They need to “get into shape” before they start “getting into shape?”  I understand being intimidated or fearful or maybe they want to look a certain a way or be able to perform X amount of push-ups, but I can assure you NO ONE walks into a CrossFit gym in perfect condition or “shape” for the workout to come. The intensity is high and the movements can be complex but that’s what keeps us coming back. At times we may find ourselves with butterflies before a workout or maybe even a little scared. But it’s exciting to try new things and that, I believe, is one of the beautiful things about CrossFit.  


When I started CrossFit I was overweight, embarrassed of my physical condition, lethargic, and depressed.  I had been “running” on my elliptical for six months prior to going, not because I wanted to get into shape, but because I didn't even know CrossFit existed! I may be dating myself here, but when I started CrossFit it was still “underground” and if you met someone who didn't know about it, all you did was TALK, TALK, TALK about it (the complete opposite of Fight Club). I heard about it from a friend and was actually anxious to try. I joined HammerDown CrossFit and was nervous about so many things but also at ease surrounded by so many positive and encouraging people.  I struggled with ALL workouts, running and I hated each other (still do), and don’t even get me started on the AMRAP 7 of Burpees for the 2012 CrossFit Open!  As I started to embrace the suck of these WODs I started to see my body change. I felt better physically and mentally. I was happier. I was nowhere near where I wanted to be, but I was ALL IN.  I started encouraging ANYONE who would listen as I believed so strongly it would do the same for them.  




I fell so in love with CrossFit that I have made it my career. As a gym owner, I have made it a priority to make every person who walks in the door feel welcomed. We have (I hope) created a culture where everyone is accepted and encouraged; a culture where everyone, no matter your athletic background, is humble in their successes, hungry for more and happy to be at our gym.


CrossFit is intimidating (shameless plug: Go listen to CrossFit PR Star’s Podcast Episode 7 on iTunes!) but I NEED people to start thinking about themselves and stop thinking about how others perceive them.  At PR Star we want you to throw away all the fear, all the hesitation and all the negative self-views. We want you to focus on coming in and giving it the best YOU can give at that moment in time for just one hour in class.  If you do that one day at a time, over and over, you will get the results you’ve been looking for and meet some amazing people along the way.


So instead of “allowing” your friend, your family member, or even yourself to give the comment of “let me get into shape before coming in”, challenge them to come in and change their lives immediately.  I promise you anyone that comes into PR Star, that is willing to work hard, be coachable, watch their diet (80/20), and TRY to get comfortable with the uncomfortable will walk away with the best results they have ever seen in their life…..and you can take THAT TO THE BANK!







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