Homemade Juices For Health

October 20, 2017


I just got off a plane where the woman next to me coughed the whole time. Ack germs! It’s getting colder so we’re staying inside more which means…germs! School is back in full swing so yeah, you know it…germs! (Side note: I don’t even have kids, I’m just a total germaphobe). Actually, if you could go wash your hands that’d be great. I’ll wait.


OK. We’re back. SO germs. Gross. It can only mean one thing. Tis’ the season to start chugging!! No no, I’m not talking eggnog (just yet). I’m talking homemade juices. These concoctions are packed with vitamins and all the good stuff you need to help fight off any funk. The recipes below (I’ve given you 3. THREE!) are mostly vegetable based with some fruits added in. Feel free to change these up however you’d like according to what’s available to you and what your personal preferences are. I love the green juice and drink it daily once I make a batch. The orange juice is stacked with vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-carotene. I’ll have that when I feel a cold coming or I’ve been around sickness (or plane coughers). The red juice is my all-time favorite and I treat myself to it when I want some good energy, vitamin C and antioxidants. I personally think ginger and lemons are the key to good juices. Pears are great but turn brown so drink it quickly after making. If you juice greens, go for big leafy ones (not pre-washed bags).  Other ideas to add in: apples, limes, cilantro, parsley, cabbage and grapefruit to name just a few. Get creative. Use what you have. Taste the rainbow and enjoy!!



Green Juice 


1 bunch of curly green kale

2 green apples

2 lemons

2 large english cucumbers

1/4-1/2 a pineapple (I use 1/4 but 1/2 makes it sweeter)

1 celery heart (not one stalk, use an entire heart)

About an inch of ginger


Directions: Wash all ingredients, cut rind off lemons and pineapple, cut ingredients to fit in shoot and juice according to manufacturer’s directions. Enjoy!



Orange Juice (makes 30-32 ounces depending on size of produce)

3 golden beets
1 sweet potato
6-8 carrots
2 lemons
2 oranges
About 1/2 inch nugget of ginger



Peel the oranges and lemons. Wash all other ingredients. Cut the greens off the tops of the beets and chop the beets and sweet potato if necessary to fit in the juicer. Juice according to manufacturer’s directions. Chill and enjoy.





Carrot, Beet, Berry Juice (Red juice)

3 beets
6-8 carrots
2 lemons
10-15 strawberries
About a 1/2 inch nugget of ginger


Wash all ingredients. Cut the rind off the lemons. Cut the greens off the tops of the beets and chop the beets if they’re too big to fit in your juicer. Save the beet green tops for something else if you’d like. I don’t like juicing them. They’re really bitter. Juice according to manufacturer’s directions. Chill and enjoy.












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