Kids Classes Coming September 9th!

August 18, 2017

Legend has it that in late August, if you listen closely to the wind, you'll hear the collective sigh of relief from hundreds of thousands of parents as cooling temperatures bring about the start of the school season. Parents, eager to send their children back to the brick buildings and linoleum sanctuaries, flock to stores to stock up on all the necessary back to school supplies. 



As we approach that dreaded day for kids, we are proud to present to you our CrossFit Kids Program. Before you pick up the phone to call or e-mail, let us try to answer any questions you may have.



Question: "Coaches, I have kids of varying age ranges. What ages are you allowing into this amazing program?"

Answer: We allow kids between the ages of 6 and 13 to participate in the kids classes. 


Question: "Cool, I have a 6 and 10 year old. When do I bring them in?" 

Answer: Starting September 9th (Which, by the way, is our parent/child workout!) at 10:30, we will start the program and it will continue every Saturday for 8 weeks. 


Question: "8 weeks...where does that take us?" 
Answer: That will take us right into Halloween! Costume workout anyone?! 

Question: "What movements will you focus on?" 
Answer: The first 4 weeks of the cycle will focus primarily on the squat. We feel that the squat is the mother of all movements and grasping a firm understanding of that will lead nicely into the next four weeks, which will be a "hip hinge" cycle. 


Question: "Cool, I did squats before. I also did a little hip hinging back on the high school football team. You mind if I help coach and just rudely interject as another, more qualified coach is trying to work? 
Answer:, no.....Let the coaches coach. If you want to help out, see one of our full time staff about employment opportunities. 


Question: "Fair enough. I'm sold. How much does this cost?"
Answer: It's $100 for each child for the 8 weeks. That comes down to $12.50 per workout. A small price to pay for health and wellness. (and an hour to i right parents?)

Question: "How do I sign up?"
Answer: Easy! Email for any and all questions and inquiries related to our kids program. 


REMINDER: Loudon County starts school on August 24th and Fairfax County starts school on August 28th




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