Open Gym

July 13, 2017

Hell yea! The excitement of our recent "Open Gym" announcement is palpable. I've had more than a few people express their excitement over the fact that on July 31st, our weekly classes and open gym time will total over 60 hours of availability. That is huge! We want to ensure that we are continually pushing you to be your best in a healthy and smart way. That being said, a lot of you have also asked the question, "What should I be doing during Open Gym hours?" The coaches and staff put our heads together to come up with this simple guide to help you always move forward and never regress in your training. 


First and foremost, class programming should always be the foundation. Through the 6-8 week cycles we follow as a class, you'll see the strength gains, conditioning improvements, skill development and foundational application of CrossFit methodologies in a structured and organized manner. 


The question then becomes, how do improve further in a smart way? The first answer is skill development. While this isn't one on one personal training, coaches will be available to suggest a structure to make sure that you are getting the most of your time in the gym. For example: John Doe struggles with the snatch. Rather than struggling for an hour with mindlessly attempted to PR his snatch, I would sit John down and say, "Look, I want you to first do 5 rounds of: 5 Drop snatches, 5 Power Snatches and 5 Overhead squats with a minute rest between each round." There should be a method to the madness. 


The second option is lets say that "Jane Doe" has had a crappy week at the office. She cant make it more than one day this week and she's bummed because she miss that awesome workout with tire flips and double unders. She sneaks out of the office early on Wednesday and decides to make that workout up. That's perfectly fine. It's worth noting, however to be selective in this case. If you are making up a front squat workout from Monday and tomorrow has 100 wall balls, it might not be in your best interest to double tap the lower body like that. Common sense should takeover here. If there is any doubt whatsoever, ask the coach on site. 


The third option is accessory work. During class, lets say we notice you struggle with your strict pullups. We may pull you aside and say "Hey, during open gym next week, I want you to do 4 sets of 6-8 dumbbell curls, then some plank holds to hit your core strength a little more." These additional strength components will boost your progress. 


The other option is this: You're training for a future marathon/powerlifting meet/CrossFit comp et cetera, and you want to make sure you are ready. After discussing with the coaches your plan of attack you decide to up your running/weightlifting/odd object training et cetera to make sure that you optimize your performance come game day. That's awesome. Again, see the coaches for assistance. 



The overall theme and point I would like to reiterate is this: The classes should be the foundation. Everything else is working towards making you a better athlete, skill play and specialist in the sport of your choosing. Happy training and see you at the gym! 



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